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Embark yourself on a journey in to another dimension, where you will have to save orbs from destruction. Watch out for traps, some of the orbs might trick you with disguise. Collecting orbs require focus, concentration and speed.

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Offroad Kings

Fast-paced multiplayer racing game.

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In Strawberry Division we eat, drink and breath FUN. We don't just get up in the morning to go to work, we get up to do something fun, and we want to share that with all the people around the globe. That is why we are trying to bring fun and high quality games!

Company was founded in 2014 by Milos Jakovljevic. Since Milos was a child he dreamed about creating video games. Milos first started creating games when he was still in a high school. He grew up with a lot of great game titles out there, which helped to shape and build his gaming experience. He started creating Offroad Kings back in 2013, and after a lot of sleepless nights, programming and designing he finally finished a hard and never ending mission. The game was first released for Android and after that on iOS.

Today Strawberry Division is young startup company with talented bright minded people and game enthusiasts bringing fun and high quality games. Company is based in Belgrade, Serbia, and our team grows stronger and stronger from day to day. 




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